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‘Extraction 2’ Goes Bigger, Badder, Louder, and More Spectacular, but Not Necessarily Better


Cr. Jason Boland/Netflix © 2023

It’s fitting that Netflix has spent years saying it wants to create and expand as many in-house franchises as possible, except for Extraction 2 to point out that the streaming service came into what may go down in history as one of the best almost entirely by accident.

The first installment didn’t get much fanfare before its release, but it arrived in April 2020 when everyone around the world was cooped up indoors with nothing better to do. Extraction as the most watched original film ever on the scene. Would he have achieved the same success under normal circumstances? That’s up for debate, but being a global sensation has given director Sam Hargrave and star/producer Chris Hemsworth the resources and freedom to significantly elevate the second time around.

Anyone looking for a strictly complex story, complex characters, and any kind of depth should probably look elsewhere, because Extraction 2 All style and no substance. However, that’s not meant to be disparaging in this case, as it’s a meat-and-potatoes action flick of the most entertaining kind, one that uses its predecessor as a jumping-off point for Hargrave to see how crazy he can get. . when it comes to the conception, orchestration, and execution of some jaw-dropping series pieces.

Extraction 2. Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2 .
© 2023 Netflix, Inc.

As the story might not get in the way, it’s mostly A-to-B content that exists almost entirely to get Rake Hemsworth from one destination to another while explaining his miraculous survival. The story picks up after the end of the Extractionand it could be argued that we spend a little too much time delving into the hero’s backstories and motivations, making it feel like Extraction 2 it takes ages to start.

No offense to Hargrave, Hemsworth, or screenwriter Joe Russo, but people are less interested in Rake’s tragic backstory than his inclination to a life where he’s as good as retired. Or is it? Of course not, as Idris Elba shows off dropping a ton of performance that hints at what’s to come. Thankfully, his natural charisma is easier to digest, and his spiky dialogue with the leading man makes you wonder where he’s been during their decade-long association in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In short; a ruthless Georgian gangster is not happy that his brother is still in prison, even though he has been given the luxury of having his wife and children with him behind bars. However, the spouse who also happens to be the sister of Rake’s ex-wife (played by Olga Kurylenko) coincidentally said the most eye-rolling convenience, and she was the one who asked Elba’s mysterious facilitator to ask politely if he can. do the job. It feels forced, and it is a lot, but it is only the appetizer to the madness that follows.

Extraction 2. Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2 .
Cr. Jason Boland/Netflix © 2023

With his team in tow – including Nik Golshifteh Farahani and Yaz Adam Bessa as the returning Kahn siblings – Rake infiltrates the facility to break them out and rescue them. It’s here somewhere Extraction 2 he lays his cards on the table, and what follows may be one of the biggest action sequences you’re going to see in a long time, which is no exaggeration.

Extraction He was famous for his long sequence designed to look like one uninterrupted take, but the follow-up is a completely different animal. Sure, it gets a little cheesy whenever you see the connections, but when you’re talking about a scene threaded together to look like an oner that finds the main guy breaking into a prison, shepherding his targets to safety, widely engaged. brawl where many people are set on fire and awakened with various tools, which then develops into a car chase before ending up on a moving train and being chased by helicopters that move in, out, and down through the carriages before meeting. an explosive ending of its own, so you can’t help but get lost in the joyous ridiculousness of it all.

The downside is that Extraction 2 It doesn’t come close to topping such a bravura display of craft, but it’s not for lack of trying as the pace rarely lasts more than a scene or two before things flare up again. Shadow of John Wick it might flare up every time a hand-to-hand combat sequence or gunfight breaks out, but Hargrave opts for a gritty realism that’s a few steps parallel to Chad Stahelski’s balletic approach and knowingly over the top. The comparisons are superfluous in terms of name alone, with the latter admitting that his epic assassinations are steeped in the fantasy genre, but Rake lives in a universe that is only slightly higher than our own.

Extraction 2. (CD) Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake and Tinatin Dalakishvili as Ketevan in Extraction 2.
Cr. Jason Boland/Netflix © 2023

Tornike Gogrichiani’s is a villain driven by revenge and pretty much nothing else so there isn’t much going on below the surface in terms of his motivations or any sort of depth really, but that’s not what Netflix is ​​selling. Extraction 2 At the back. After all, can you remember the big bad from the last one? Of course you can’t. The draw here is seeing Hemsworth kicking ass and taking names, and while the streamer’s obsession with each and every one of his in-house blockbusters relies far too much on poorly rendered CGI fire and backgrounds green screens are still inconclusive, the fisticuffs are merciless and the ear-shattering sound of bullets flying every few minutes compensates.

It’s bigger, brasher, bolder, louder, angrier, and more violent than the first, but not necessarily better. Extraction 2 It falls into many of the problems that sequels tend to have by believing that it’s worth exploring a deep dive into what makes their protagonists tick, but in this case it feels like a pad that drags the current time. out to two hours of exhaustion and change. It might be worth keeping the bare bones, no frills, zero fat approach that worked last time, but we all know that’s not how IP works.

It’s fitting that the film’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness; by delivering his marquee sequence around the halfway point, the rest of it Extraction 2 fails to recapture that wonderful magic. The third act is completely generic in its setting, stakes, and final resolution that closes memories of everything from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol to John Woo’s The Killer – and it’s not a patch on either of them by any means – although the obligatory removal for the sequel is over.

The dynamic duo of Hargrave and Hemsworth are welcome to give it another shot in the inevitable trilogy, but let’s hope that when that happens things don’t peak too soon like they do here.


‘Extraction 2’ is everything you’d expect; bigger, bolder, brasher, louder, and more amazing. Unfortunately, it rises too early and never manages to regain that early momentum.

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